BannerAdsTM is a CGI program used for displaying multiple banner advertisements in one banner position on a Web page.

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BannerAdsTM selects one of the banners listed in a banner Banner Definition File (BDF) each time it is run, displaying a different advertisement each time its host Web page is loaded. This allows support of several advertising programs without filling the site with large numbers of foreign advertisements. Consequently, it enables a Web site to benefit from multiple advertising revenue streams without overly distracting attention from its main content.

BDF maintenance is accomplished using a Windows dialog-based editor, RdfToolTM, which can be downloaded for free after filling out a registration form here. RdfToolTm comes packaged in a ZIP archive with a complete Help system, and a sample BDF. It can be used to parse banner links from Commission Junction and Link Share into the BDF file, making it easier to sign up for their merchants' affiliate programs.

The initial release of BannerAdsTM only selects banners from the BDF randomly. Subsequent versions will offer more sophisticated selection algorithms, as requested.

For more information about the BannerAdsTM CGI program, feel free to look through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database, or send email to To obtain a copy for use on your Web site, please fill out the license agreement form and proceed to the payment options page.


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