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The TLogTM TimeLog Suite is a set of programs for keeping and using time-stamped records. It includes the following programs:

the central "core" program, used to write timelog entries from the command line or batch (script) files.
the timelog analysis and reporting program, used for integrity checks on the timelog, and for extracting useful information.
used for importing existing text into a timelog, reads the input file and writes one timelog entry for each line of text.
creates a timelog file with standardized header information.
a program for switching between different tasks, used with TLogTM and batch (script) files to automatically write timelog records which can be extracted for billing purposes.
Sample Support Files
batch files and project list files, used primarily in conjunction with WorkOnTM for automating timelog entry creation.

This program suite is currently under development. Watch this site for release info.

More Information

TLogTM file sample
WorkOnTM project file sample

TLogTM file sample

Date:  Tuesday April 1st, 1997
Time:   9:54:36 am
File:  C:\SignOff\NOTES\Apr1997t.NTE
Title: April, 1997 @ FKE_Tower_486
Category: Time Log

04/01/97 00:00:00 WORKON WebSite init. complete
04/01/97i05:07:18 I've now got 14 of my own pictures and 8 NASA
04/01/97_05:07:41 photos in my online photo album.
04/01/97n05:07:50 I also put the current draft of the "Getting
04/01/97_05:08:06 Started" chapter up, and its linked in.
04/01/97i05:09:52 WebSite done, LOGOUT complete
04/01/97i09:53:19 Windows ends
04/01/97i09:54:49 Time log switched to April.
04/01/97n09:54:57 I measured 15" of snow on the back deck this
04/01/97_09:55:07 morning.  Some April Fool's joke Mother Nature
04/01/97_09:55:23 has played on us...
04/01/97i09:59:03 Windows (NETWORK mode) start
04/01/97i10:00:07 SMURF start
04/01/97i10:48:31 SMURF ends

WorkOnTM project file sample

: Programs I'm working on
: Recreation Date:	Sunday, December sixth, 1992
: Last Modified:	August 26, 1996 @ 8:11 pm
killdupe	C:\CODE\Tools\KillDupe
filesync	C:\CODE\Tools\FileSync
slideshow	C:\CODE\Windows\SlideSho
workon		C:\CODE\WorkOn
signoff		C:\CODE\SignOff
mpdl		C:\CODE\MPDLtool.SRC
: These two entries are nested submenus
:: Commercial Programs	COMMERCE.WRK
:: Database Programs	DATABASE.WRK
newmenu		C:\CODE\_FKEmenu\NEWMENU
bbscode		C:\CODE\BBSware
autoenum	C:\CODE\Tools\AUTOENUM
tools		C:\CODE\Tools
gifpaint	C:\CODE\Windows\GIFPAINT
tlog		C:\CODE\TLOG
securemenu	C:\CODE\_FKEmenu\SECURE
imageproc	C:\CODE\IMGPROC

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