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Use this form to select your license options, and to supply the billing and shipping information needed to register your copy (or copies) of eSortTM. When you have completed this form and press the <Submit> button, our server will return an order form with your transaction number and payment options.

If you are going to send your payment via snail mail, please generate the order form at the time you are actually ordering. Then, use the current mailing address on the form to send your order. We expect to be moving in the near future, and using the correct address will speed processing of your order.

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eSortTM is copyrighted software, and you must treat it like a book: The license allows that the program may be used by any number of people, and moved between any number of computers, as long as it is only being used at one location at a time. If there is any possibility that the program may be used by more than one person, or on more than one computer, at any time, you must purchase additional licenses. The table below explains the pricing structure for multiple-use licenses for the program:

Registration Fees

Number of Users Regular Price CURRENT PRICE
through January 31st
Single US$ 6.49 US$ 4.99
3 - 5 US$ 16.49 US$ 12.49
6 - 15 US$ 33.49 US$ 24.99
16 - 40 US$ 81.49 US$ 62.49
41+ US$ 169.99 US$ 129.99

The prices above include electronic delivery of the latest version of eSortTM. If you would like to have the software delivered on a 3-1/2" floppy disk, please add US $ 5.99 to the total. This price includes shipping and handling anywhere in North America. Please call for overseas and international shipping charges.

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