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This product is expected to be released in late 2002, barring any more unforseen problems.

TodaysNewsTM is a suite of server-side programs used for creating and archiving articles in a "today's news" feature for Web sites. Using an HTML-based interface, articles can be added to, modified, or deleted from your newsletter before publication. Once the article set is complete, the previous "today's news" articles are moved to the archive file, and replaced with the new ones. In addition, the completed newsletter can be automatically mailed, as either HTML or plain text, by TodaysNewsTM to a list of subscribers. (Individual subscribers can select their HTML/plain text preference, and the program will send the newsletter to them in the correct format.)

In the current (temporary) implementation, individual articles are stored as XML documents defined by a Document Type Definition published in the public domain by L5 Software. TodaysNewsTM can be configured to delete the temporary files after the newsletter is published, or save them in the working directory. The initial version of TodaysNewsTM also archives the previous articles in a "flat" HTML file.

TodaysNewsTM is currently being rewritten as a PHP + MySQL application. The same Web-based interface will be used for writing and publishing the newsletter. However, by building the program as a database application, newsletters will be automatically integrated into the news archive as they are released. This will allow online readers to access and read previous articles directly from the Web interface where you publish TodaysNewsTM on your site.

Send email to if you want to be notified when TodaysNewsTM is available for public release.

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