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Although we strive to test ThmIndxrTM thoroughly to insure it operates correctly, there are limitations on the process: Because of these issues, bugs do occasionally get past us, and into the field where users find them, instead of the development team. ThmIndxrTM is guaranteed to perform as is described in its manual, and in the online documentation. In order to honor that guarantee, we need to know about any bugs you find so they can be corrected.

Please use this form to report any errors found in the operation of ThmIndxrTM, its utilities, or in the manual or Help system. If you have comments about how the program should work differently, or suggestions for additional features, please use the ThmIndxrTM Suggestion Form, rather than this one.

The first step is telling us who you are. If you have an existing customer ID number for L5 Software Development, you can enter it here to save retyping your information. You can also proceed if you don't have a customer number by filling in the fields below.

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If this bug occurs only while processing a particular image, please check the Specific Image box on the form below. When you submit this form, another page will be displayed so you can upload the file to us for testing, so the problem can be resolved.

Fields marked * are required.

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We require a password any time you wish to use or change your customer information. This is done to make it more difficult for someone else to change your customer information. It also protects your privacy, since the information cannot be read simply by entering customer ID number(s) in forms such as this one and pressing the "Look me up!" button.

Your password must be between 6 and 32 characters, and can contain any ASCII printable characters. Password entry is case sensitive; i.e., "password" and "PASSWORD" are not considered the same by the password verification system.
You should pick a password that is easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess, since it is a key part of preventing anyone else from getting access to or changing your information in our database.

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