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SiteMaprTM is a Webmaster's tool for creating a hyperlinked "site map" page for their site. From the page it creates, a site's visitor can jump directly to any page on the site, and see the relation between different pages.

SiteMaprTM is started with the URL of the home (root) page of your site. It follows links within all of the pages that are referenced until it has built a complete map of the site. The program recognizes link loops (pages which refer to another, which then refer back to the original one) to prevent infinite recursion. It also recognizes site boundaries and references (links to) external pages, but does not map them. Each page's HTML title is displayed as the link text, and missing pages are marked as broken links. These two features can be used to help you avoid common design problems when building complex sites. Descriptive text can be automatically included in the site map, taken either from the "description" META tag, or a "SiteMapr" META tag included in the page header for the map construction.

SiteMaprTM is built as a "preprocessor" rather than a server application, to minimize the overhead of offering a site map. It can be run during site development on a mirror of your Web site, or on the server itself, after the pages have been installed.

SiteMaprTM is guaranteed to perform substantially as is described in its documentation, and on its Web page. Note that this is different from what seems to have become an "industry standard" - the practice of selling software "as-is," without any warranty. (Have you really read any of the license agreements for software you purchased recently?) Only by purchasing software from vendors who offer to stand behind their products with a viable warranty can you, the consumer, do anything to combat the proliferation of the "crapware" so common in today's marketplace.

SiteMaprTM is currently in active development, and is expected to be released early in January, 2002. If you would like to be kept abreast of its progress, please send an email message to and we will inform you as the development work continues.

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