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Library Name   NTIO
Description 32-bit Windows (NT, et al) screen I/O
Status in production, code in use in released products
Header Files
NTIO.h       External declarations for routines using NTIO.lib services
NTIOFunc.h Function prototypes for routines included in NTIO.lib
void  aputc(BYTE passed);
int   conWrite(const char* szStr);
void  divide_box(int row,int col,int ecol,BYTE left,BYTE div,BYTE rite);
void  draw_box(BYTE boxchars[6],int srow,int scol,int erow,int ecol);
void  draw_row(int row,int col,int count,BYTE c);
char  GetDisplayType(void);
int   getvch(int row,int col);
int   getvmode(void);
void  get_fdate(int* w_day,int* m_day,int* month,int* year);
void  get_ftime(int* hr,int* min,int* sec,int* hth,BOOL* pm_flag);
void  get_rowcol(void);
long  get_tod_val(void);
void  keyboard_stuff(const char* string);
int   keyin(void);
BOOL  key_pend(void);
void  NormalCursorPositionAdvance(HANDLE hBuffer,char chr);
void  ntioError(int errorlevel,const char* supplemental_string);
void  putca(int passed);
void  putcha(int row,int col,int c);
void  putcham(int row,int col,int c);
void  putchr(int row,int col,BYTE c);
void  putchm(int row,int col,BYTE c);
int   rd_kbd(void);
BOOL  screen_truncate(char* str);
int   scr_aputs(const char* fmt,int color,...);
int   scr_center(const char* string);
void  scr_CloseScreenBuffer(void);
void  scr_clr(void);
void  scr_clrl(void);
void  scr_clrline(int row);
void  scr_cls(void);
void  scr_cursoff(void);
void  scr_curson(void);
void  scr_flag_cursoff(void);
void  scr_flag_curson(void);
int   scr_input(void);
void  scr_rowcol(int row,int column);
int   scr_OpenScreenBuffer(void);
void  scr_scrdn(int nline,int fromrow,int fromcol,int torow,int tocol);
void  scr_scrup(int nline,int fromrow,int fromcol,int torow,int tocol);
void  scr_setatt(int count,BYTE color);
int   scr_setup(void);
void  SetBackgroundColor(int value);
int   setvmode(int new_mode);
void  set_curtyp(int start,int end);
void  split_box(int row,int col,int erow,BYTE top,BYTE div,BYTE bot);
int   timed_key_wait(int delay);
void  write_string(const char* string);
void  wrVertLine(int row,int col,int length,BYTE div);

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