FKETM Code Libraries -General- Page

Library Name   General
Description General-purpose routines
Status in production, code in use in released products
Header Files
Calendar.h       Defines a date structure record
ColorNam.h Defines color names and monitor types
Extended.h IBM-PC Extended ASCII chararacters, returned by rd_kbd() and keyin()
General.h Include file for use with General.lib to declare variables and routines
void         BlankScreenNow(void);
void         CenterMessage(int display_row,const char* message);
void         ChimeControl(void);
size_t       DayNameString(int day,char* buffer);
int          DebugKeyBeep(void);
void         error(const int errorlevel,const char* supplemental_string);
void         ErrorExit(const int errorlevel,const char* major,const char* minor,const char* service);
void         ExitCleanup(void);
void FAR*    farPtr(void FAR* ptr,long offset);
void         FKE_TimerInstall(int row,int col,BOOL seconds_enable);
int          FKE_TimerRelease(void);
void*        _fmmove(void FAR* dst,void FAR* src,size_t count);
void*        _fmset(void FAR* dst,size_t count,BYTE value);
void         _Free(void** ppObject);
void         GetKeycapName(char* buffer,int HotKeyVal);
int          GetKeyScancode(void);
int          GetMonthDays(int month_index,int year_or_0_if_current);
const char*  GetMonthName(int month_index,BOOL abbreviate);
int          isaltkey(int key);
void         NOPfunction();
void         NotImplemented(const char* proc_name);
void         oBlankScreenNow(void);
int          oScreenBlank(char* string);
void         oScreenBlankInit(void);
int          Pause(void);
int          Pause2(void);
int          ScreenBlank(char* string);
void         ScreenBlankInit(void);
void         SetDateColor(BYTE date_color);
void         SetDayColor(BYTE day_color);
void         SetTimeColor(BYTE time_color);
int          ShowMessage(int mode,const char* msg,char MsgAttr,char EraseAttr);
BOOL         UserLocateFile(char* filespec);
void         writeFKEcopyright(const char* year);

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