Library Name   Trees
Description Binary tree routines
Status in production, code in use in released products
Header Files
FKEtrees.h       Declarations for tree structures and operations on them
pBINTREE  BinTreeCreate(pBINTREE pParentNode,void* pData);
void      BinTreeDelete(pBINTREE pRoot,BOOL bDeleteData);
int       BinTreeInsert(pBINTREE pRoot,void* pData,int (*pCmp)(void* p1,void* p2),int (*pAdd)(void** p1,void* p2));
int       BinTreeWalkInOrder(pBINTREE pRoot,int (*pFn)(void* pData));
int       BinTreeWalkInOrderReverse(pBINTREE pRoot,int (*pFn)(void* pData));
int       BinTreeWalkPostOrder(pBINTREE pRoot,int (*pFn)(void* pData));
int       BinTreeWalkPostOrderReverse(pBINTREE pRoot,int (*pFn)(void* pData));
int       BinTreeWalkPreOrder(pBINTREE pRoot,int (*pFn)(void* pData));
int       BinTreeWalkPreOrderReverse(pBINTREE pRoot,int (*pFn)(void* pData));

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