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Library Name   PCIO
Description 16-bit PC screen I/O routines
Status in production, code in use in released products
Header Files
PCIO.h       External declarations for routines using PCIO.lib services
PCIOFunc.h Function prototypes for routines included in PCIO.lib
void  AndWithPixScrn(BYTE value);
void  AndWithPixScrnOffset(WORD offset,BYTE value);
void  aputc(BYTE passed);
char  ci(void);
void  co(char);
void  DisplayMemAllocChain(void);
void  divide_box(int row,int col,int ecol,BYTE left,BYTE div,BYTE rite);
void  draw_box(BYTE boxchars[6],int srow,int scol,int erow,int ecol);
void  draw_row(int row,int col,int count,BYTE c);
char  GetDisplayType(void);
int   getrc_p(int page);
int   getvch(int row,int col);
int   getvmode(void);
int   get_ci(void);
BYTE  get_dot(int row,int col);
void  get_fdate(int* w_day,int* m_day,int* month,int* year);
void  get_ftime(int* hr,int* min,int* sec,int* hth,BOOL* pm_flag);
BOOL  get_lightpen(int buff[4]);
void  get_rowcol(void);
void  gotorc_p(int row,int col,int page);
long  get_tod_val(void);
void  keyboard_stuff(const char* string);
int   keyin(void);
BOOL  key_pend(void);
void  OrWithPixScrn(BYTE value);
void  OrWithPixScrnOffset(WORD offset,BYTE value);
void  plot_dot(BYTE color,int row,int col);
void  putca(int passed);
void  putchr(int row,int col,BYTE c);
void  putcha(int row,int col,int c);
void  putcham(int row,int col,int c);
void  putchm(int row,int col,BYTE c);
int   rd_kbd(void);
BOOL  screen_truncate(char* str);
int   scr_aputs(const char* fmt,int color,...);
int   scr_center(const char* string);
void  scr_clr(void);
void  scr_clrl(void);
void  scr_clrline(int row);
void  scr_cls(void);
void  scr_co(BYTE passed);
void  scr_cursoff(void);
void  scr_curson(void);
void  scr_flag_cursoff(void);
void  scr_flag_curson(void);
int   scr_input(void);
void  scr_rowcol(int row,int column);
void  scr_scrdn(int nline,int fromrow,int fromcol,int torow,int tocol);
void  scr_scrup(int nline,int fromrow,int fromcol,int torow,int tocol);
void  scr_setatt(int count,BYTE color);
void  scr_setmode(int mode);
int   scr_setup(void);
BYTE  scr_sinp(void);
void  SetActiveVidPage(int page);
void  SetBackgroundColor(int value);
int   setvmode(int new_mode);
void  set_curtyp(int start,int end);
void  split_box(int row,int col,int erow,BYTE top,BYTE div,BYTE bot);
int   timed_key_wait(int delay);
int   vgetc(int page);
void  vputc(BYTE chr,int page,int count);
void  vputca(int chr,int page,int count);
void  vwrc(int row,int col,BYTE chr,int page);
void  vwrca(int row,int col,int chr,int page);
void  write_string(const char* string);
void  wrVertLine(int row,int col,int length,BYTE div);
void  XorWithPixScrn(BYTE value);
void  XorWithPixScrnOffset(WORD offset,BYTE value);

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