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Library Name   FKEmenus
Description Character mode pop-up and pull-down menus
Status in production, code in use in released products
Header Files
FKEmenus.h       Include file for menu functions
int       BuildAMenu(FILE* fp,const char* tname,char*** table);
int       CwinHMenu(pWINDOW w,int r,const char* pmt,int isl,int nrg,const char* chc,...);
int       CwinHMenuM(pWINDOW w,int r,const char* pmt,int i,int n,msg_pair* ch,...);
int       HMenu(int row,const char* prompt,int isel,int narg,const char* choice,...);
BOOL      HMenuSwitch(BOOL* move,int* m_sel,int nargs,const char* choices);
int       HMenuM(int row,const char* prmpt,int isel,int narg,msg_pair* choice,...);
void      MenuError(const int errorlevel,const char* string);
void      MenuHelp(void);
void      PopupList(pPOPLIST list);
int       PopupMenu(pPOPMENU menu,int isel);
int       PopupMenuH(pPOPHMENU menu,int isel);
void      PopupMenuHClose(pPU_MENU mdat);
BOOL      PopupMenuHDraw(pPU_MENU mdat,pPOPHMENU mpp);
pPU_MENU  PopupMenuHOpen(pPOPHMENU mpp,int sel);
void      PopupMenuHRedraw(pPU_MENU mdat,int nitm,int nvis,msg_pair* mpp);
int       PopupMenuHRun(pPU_MENU mdat,pPOPHMENU mpp);
BOOL      PulldownMenu(pMENUBAR mnu,int* xsel,int* ysel);
void      RunMenuFile(pFILEMENU pfmenu);

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