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Library Name   DOS_IF
Description DOS interface
Status in production, code in use in released products
Header Files
DDStruct.h       Device driver structure definitions
dir.h External and structure definitions for routines accessing directories
FNSplitE.h Include file for use with wcExpand.c and SpltFnam.c
FN_Split.h Include file for use with the Win32 version of ExpandWild()
wcExpand.h Include file for use with wcExpand.c
DOSIF_Fn.h Function declarations for the FKE DOS interface library
int         BumpBackupVersions(char* fname,int nVerKeep);
BOOL        cd(char* path);
char        cur_disk(void);
void        CheckMkDir(const char* szPath);
BOOL        CheckMakeDirs(const char* szPath,char* szErr,int nMaxErrLength);
void        ChkMkDirs(char* szPath);
int         dosCleanFileSpec(char* szFileSpec,BOOL bFixHardErrs);
BOOL        ep_ffile(char* filename,char* varname,char* targbuf);
int         ExpandWild(int* pnOut,char** pvOut[],int nIn,char* vIn[],int attr);
int         ExpandWildCnt(int* pnOut,int nIn,char* vIn[],int attr);
BOOL        FileCopy(const char* szSrc,const char* szDest,BOOL bFailIfExists);
void        FileError(const int nErrLevel,const char* szSupplemental);
void        FileErrorText(const int nError);
int         FileFindFirst(char* path,int attrib);
int         FileFindNext(void);
int         FindSubdir(pDIRENTRY dest,char* dirname);
type_dta    getdta(void);
int         GetDirEntry(BOOL bSubsequent,pDIRENTRY dest,char* filespec);
void        GetExecutingModuleName(const char* argv[],char* szName);
BYTE FAR*   GetInDOSFlagAddress(void);
int         GetMediaID(char drive,char* label,long* serial,int* type);
#ifdef _WIN32
BOOL        get_env(CSTRC varname,char* value);
BOOL        get_env(char* varname,char* value);
void        get_path(char* path_buffer);
FILE*       inc_fopen(char* fname,char* mode);
BOOL        isDir(const char* szName);
BOOL        isDriveValid(char chDrive);
int         KillDirectory(const char* szDir,int nKFlag,int nQFlag,int* pEFlag);
BOOL        isFile(const char* szName);
BOOL        lep_ffile(char* filename,char* varname,char* targbuf);
int         ll_chmod(int mode,char* filespec,char attrib);
FILE*       loc_fopen(char* fname,char* mode);
BOOL        sel_disk(char drive_letter);
void        setdta(type_dta dt_buffer);
int         SetUpEnvironment(char* filename);
int         SetMediaID(char drive,const char* label,long serial,int type);
void        SysCall(const char* command);

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