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Library Name   ChrWndow
Description Character-mode window functions
Status in production, code in use in released products
Header Files
ChrWndow.h       Header file for modules using the FKE character mode window functions
cWindoFn.h Window function prototype declarations for the FKE character mode library
int         CwinCenter(pWINDOW pWn,const char* string);
void        CwinClear(pWINDOW pWn);
int         CwinCloseQr(pWINDOW pWn,BOOL restore);
void        CwinClrLine(pWINDOW pWn,int row);
void        CwinDeleteRow(pWINDOW pWn,int row);
void        CwinDisplayMemAllocChain(void);
pWINDOW     CwinDrawQs(pWINDOW pWn,BOOL save);
void        CwinDrawRow(pWINDOW pWn,int row,int col,int count,int chr);
int         CwinGetch(pWINDOW pWn,int row,int col);
void        CwinInsertRow(pWINDOW pWn,int row);
void        CwinMoveTo(pWINDOW pWn,int row,int col);
pWINDOW     CwinOpenQs(int r,int c,int h,int w,BYTE a,BYTE b[6],const char* t,BOOL sv);
int         CwinPause(pWINDOW pWn,int row,BYTE attrib,const char* string,short* bfptr);
void        CwinPutc(pWINDOW pWn,char chr);
void        CwinPutch(pWINDOW pWn,int row,int col,int attr_and_char);
void        CwinPutcW(pWINDOW pWn,char chr);
void        CwinRemove(pWINDOW pWn);
void        CwinScrDn(pWINDOW pWn,int nln,int srow,int scol,int erow,int ecol);
void        CwinScreenWrite(pWINDOW pWn,wswrite_data* wsd_ptr);
void        CwinScroll(pWINDOW pWn,int nLines,int direction);
void        CwinScrUp(pWINDOW pWn,int nln,int srow,int scol,int erow,int ecol);
void        CwinSetAttr(pWINDOW pWn,BYTE attrib);
void        CwinShowCursor(pWINDOW pWn);
void        CwinStrCenter(pWINDOW pWn,int row,const char* string);
pWINDOW     CwinSysInit(int user_mode,BYTE user_attr,BYTE b_set[6],char* str);
void        CwinSysTerm(void);
char*       CwinTextFill(pWINDOW pWn,int srow,int scol,char* szText);
void        CwinTwoColumnScroll(pWINDOW pWnl,pWINDOW pWnr);
void        CwinWriteString(pWINDOW pWn,const char* string);
void        CwinWriteText(pWINDOW pWn,const char* string);
void        CwinWriteTexts(pWINDOW pWn,BYTE color,pWTEXT texts);
void        CwinWriteTextAt(pWINDOW pWn,int row,int col,const char* string);
void        MoveBufferToScreen(short FAR* buffer,int r,int c,int ht,int wid);
void        MoveScreenToBuffer(short FAR* buffer,int r,int c,int ht,int wid);
void        RestoreScreenData(short FAR* scrn,int row,int col,int ht,int wid);
short FAR*  SaveScreen(int row,int col,int height,int width);

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