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Although we strive to test our software thoroughly to insure it operates correctly, there are limitations on the process:

Because of these issues, bugs (a.k.a "features") do occasionally get past us, and into the field where users find them, instead of the development team. Our programs are guaranteed to perform as is described in their manuals and other documentation. In order to honor that guarantee, we need to know about any bugs you find so they can be corrected.

Please use this form to report any errors found in the operation of our software, utilities, or in their manual or Help systems. If you have comments about how the programs should work differently, or suggestions for additional features, please use our Suggestion Form rather than this one.

If this bug occurs only while processing a particular file, please send us an email message that refers to this bug report, and attach the offending file to the message if it is less than about a quarter of a megabyte (250K) in size. For larger files, please ask for directions about how to send it to us.

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